Derivative and structured products

Are you looking for an interesting alternative to traditional financial investments, which will allow you to take full advantage of market opportunities and increase the return of your portfolio, while keeping risk under control?

Structured products and derivatives are an excellent way to meet specific needs such as expected returns, frequency of cash flows and investment horizons etc and respect constraints such as risk level and specific legal and fiscal aspects.

Created using several financial instruments, they combine financial assets – equities, currencies, interest rates – with more sophisticated optional components.

A tailor-made solution

To allow you to benefit from our personalised innovative solutions in the realm of structured products and derivatives, Societe Generale Private Banking provides you with a dedicated expertise centre, staffed with engineers, analysts and advisers, all with excellent technical knowledge and in-depth experience of the financial markets.

The main families of structured products and derivatives

  • Yield products: intended to improve a portfolio’s performance with potentially high gains.
  • Directional products: designed to play on market anticipation while taking your expectations into account.
  • Hedging products: allow you to protect against a given scenario
  • Personalised investment solutions: evolve independently from traditional market fluctuations.

An open architecture

Our expertise centre remains attached to open architecture and uses the best financial institutions to develop solutions that meet your expectations at the most competitive prices.

Our expertise centre puts together innovative solutions according to your wishes and market changes. Our offering is based on an open architecture principle: all market structures are analysed, irrespective of the issuing bank.

This selection process gives you access to the breadth of the market offering, and ensures you benefit from the latest innovations and competitive prices.

Access to resources from external banks

The best possible offer

Three characteristics of a structured product or derivative

  • Created in accordance with economic themes or market opportunities
  • Innovative, designed by us to meet your expectations
  • Entirely tailormade

Three advantages of Societe Generale Private Banking’s Structured Products and Derivatives

  • Systematic performance follow-up tools
  • Performance reports, buy or sell recommendations, product alerts, competitive watch, arbitrage, etc.
  • Ensure successful execution of your transactions
  • Maintain control throughout the lifespan of products
  • Ensure fair prices


You can give buy/sell orders throughout the lifespan of the products: we ensure optimal liquidity for all our structured products and derivatives.

Investment analysis

We undertake rigorous analysis of the evolution of your investments, through:

Quantitative analysis

Our quantitative analysis experts independently conduct product valuations, in order to:

For each issue we use a wealth of data – performance simulation, anticipated profitability, market risk follow-up – in order to evaluate its potential.