Dedicated funds or family funds

If you family wants to pool its wealth in order to manage it more efficiently we can set up a dedicated fund or a family fund, tailormade according to your personal, professional and wealth circumstances.

Transparency and flexibility

The fund offers great transparency. Its value is calculated by an external consultant hired by the bank, while local market regulatory authorities control its operations.

Its high degree of flexibility means it can be used to manage many asset classes, whether listed or not. The funds can be compartmentalised, which makes it possible to select several managers or management companies within a single fund, and thus meet the various requirements of different family members. Shares in a fund can, in certain cases, be held by a securities account or even a life insurance contract.

The family fund, for one and for all

Each shareholder in the fund can select various assets according to their needs:

  • Younger family members can choose money market products in order to be able to withdraw cash freely
  • Those with family responsibilities can invest in private equity to create long-term capital gains
  • Retirees can invest in bonds, which are less volatile and distribute regular revenues

    Reap the benefits of our experience

    Societe Generale Private Banking has the experience required and expert partners to set up your dedicated or family fund in Jersey, Guernesey Luxemburg, Singapore.