Yves Thieffry appointed Chief Executive Officer of Societe Generale Private Banking in Switzerland

Societe Generale Private Banking has appointed Yves Thieffry as CEO of Societe Generale Private Banking (Suisse) SA. He is responsible for the management and development of Societe Generale Private Banking (Suisse) SA and its subsidiaries.

Yves Thieffry succeeds Guillaume Lejoindre, who becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors of Societe Generale Private Banking (Suisse) SA, replacing Jean-François Mazaud, Head of Societe Generale Private Banking, who remains a member of the Board in Switzerland and becomes its Vice President. Guillaume Lejoindre continues to bring his strategic vision to the business and contributes to the image of the private bank in the Swiss financial market place.

Societe Generale Private Banking (Suisse) benefits from Yves Thieffry’s deep knowledge of the private bank’s international activities as well as Guillaume Lejoindre’s experience of the Swiss market. These appointments support Societe Generale Private Banking’s ambition and development strategy and underline its commitment to one of the most dynamic financial markets in the world.


Yves Thieffry joined the Inspection Department of Societe Generale group in 1982 and became Deputy Head of the Business Services Division in 1992. He was then appointed General Manager of Banco Supervielle Societe Generale in Argentina in 1995 and General Manager of Societe Generale in Madrid in 1998. In 2002, Yves Thieffry was appointed Head of Human Resources for Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, before becoming its Chief Operating Officer in 2003. He has been Deputy CEO of Societe Generale Private Banking since 2007.

Yves Thieffry holds a Master’s degree in Law and a postgraduate qualification in Fiscal Regulation and Public Financing from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Guillaume Lejoindre began his career in 1974 at Banque Indosuez in Paris. Following an international career with the bank in Europe, Asia and the United States, he was appointed Managing Director of Indosuez in Korea in 1995, then Managing Director of Credit Agricole Indosuez Japan in 1997. From 1999, Guillaume Lejoindre was Director for Private Banking Clients at Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA. He joined Societe Generale Private Banking (Suisse) SA as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in 2008, becoming Chief Executive Officer in January 2009.Guillaume Lejoindre is a graduate of the HEC Business School in Paris.