Societe Generale Private Banking named “Best Private Bank in Western Europe for Structured Products” for the 10th Consecutive year

This distinction crowns 10 years of providing the very highest level of expertise in structured products and is recognition both from the profession and from clients. It highlights Societe Generale Private Banking’s position as the private bank of reference for designing structured products for clients in Europe.

This award also underlines an uncontested level of excellence on the market, based on 4 essential strengths:

  • an organisational model founded on a relationship of proximity with clients and listening to their needs, allowing the private bank to constantly adapt its offer to their investment requirements, and on open architecture, which enables an objective selection of the best solutions on the market to satisfy investors ;
  • a high and demanding level of professionalism by the teams in the execution phase, on behalf of clients;
  • working in synergy, which has been developed with Societe Generale’s investment bank over many years, whilst maintaining open architecture for the benefit of clients;
  • an unrivalled follow-up during the life of the product, through dynamic market analysis and permanent advisory.

Societe Generale Private Banking is pursuing its permanent approach to perfecting its services in order to strengthen the quality and performance of its offer and to continue to better accompany clients in the management of their wealth.

* Euromoney Magazine is a global reference publication on trends in international banking and capital markets. The results of its ‘’Private Banking Survey’’ are based on the evaluation of wealth management players by their peers as well as data provided by the private banks being judged.