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SOCIETE GENERALE Private Banking (Suisse) SA (“SGPBS”) is authorised and supervised by the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA). It has for purpose the operation of a bank of business and investment management with Swiss and foreign, private and institutional, customers. Its activity takes place in Switzerland and abroad.

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SGPBS shall make its best efforts to ensure that the information displayed on this website is accurate and up-to-date but is not able to guarantee that such information is complete or that it will not be modified by a third party (malware).

In no circumstances shall SGPBS be held liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (including without limitation any loss or damage resulting from any transaction carried out on the basis of information set out on the website), any loss of profit, loss of business, or any other loss arising in connection with the use of the website or the reliance on any information set out therein or with an interruption of the SGPBS eBanking service notably as a result of an issue with an Internet connection.  SGPBS shall not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of any event beyond the control of SGPBS.  SGPBS shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to the technical environment of users of the website, including without limitation to hardware, software or any other equipment used to access (i) this website, (ii) the SGPBS eBanking services and/or (iii) any information published therein.

Information about Financial Instruments

Information about financial instruments which may be displayed on this website are provided for general information purposes only and should not to be construed as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instruments, or any substitute for any form of advice or recommendation with respect to such financial instruments.

SGPBS accepts no liability for any loss or damage which may be directly or indirectly incurred by a website user or any other person having had access to information from this website.  Any person wishing to obtain information about SGPBS products or services should contact SGPBS to obtain information on the availability of, and the terms & conditions (notably the prices) applicable to, such products or services.

Products and services displayed on SGPBS website may not be eligible for sale or available to residents of certain countries or certain categories of investors.

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The SGPBS website and all information and functionality contained within it are not directed at or intended for use by any person resident or located in any jurisdiction where (1) the distribution of such information or functionality is contrary to the laws of such jurisdiction or (2) such distribution is prohibited without obtaining the necessary licenses or authorizations by the Bank and such licenses or authorizations have not been obtained.”

Subscription to Products and Investment Services

In particular, the products and services mentioned on this website which relate to “securities” as such is defined in the US securities act are not directed nor intended for investors being “US persons” within the meaning of the US securities act, who may only receive a financial service relating to “securities” from and/or carry out any transaction in “securities” through an entity authorised to this purpose in the United States of America.

Intellectual Property

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Only the reproduction on paper for a strictly personal use is authorized and subject to the respect of the integrity of the reproduced documents, or in short quotation with clear and readable mention of the source.

The marks mentioned on this website are registered: their reproduction or use, of any kind, is forbidden.

SGPBS SA shall not be liable for the hypertext links towards other websites, and particularly for the contents of the linked websites. SGPBS shall not be liable for the hypertext links towards this website; no one shall create any such a link without SGPBS’s prior and express authorization

Pricing Disclaimer

Valuation of Assets

Valuation of Assets is established on the basis of last known prices, from the usual banking information sources.  When no price or value from usual banking information sources is available, estimated values may be used.

Thus, securities priced daily are valued at the previous day's closing price, provided such information is available.

As regards securities priced at other frequencies, they are valued at the last known price, in accordance with prices and values from usual banking information sources.

For prices that are more than five days old, the date of the price is specified below it.

For securities where no price or value from usual banking information sources is available, valuations are provided for information purposes only.

Special case for hedge funds:  The amount of the net asset value (NAV) is known by SGPBS at variable timescales depending on the funds in question.  The actual NAV calculation date is mentioned below the value given.  The values indicated do not constitute a commitment or obligation of any kind on the part of SGPBS to buy or sell shares or units in those funds at that price.

Special case for forward exchanges: Gains and losses correspond to the difference between the agreed forward exchange rate and the current forward exchange rate, estimated in line with the yield curve.  Exchange rates are updated at least once per day.

In any case, valuations are provided for information purposes only and are in no way binding for SGPBS.