Societe Generale Private Banking wishes to recruit and retain talented staff, who are selected for their professionalism, their people skills and their discretion.

Our employees make the most of the synergies between Group divisions and build up a personal international network for the benefit of their clients. Within Private Banking University, they also have access to a catalogue of dedicated training courses on wealth management lead by Societe Generale Private Banking’s own internal experts and adapted to suit a range of differing competency levels. Benefitting equally from an international dimension, these training courses aim to ensure the optimal performance and professional development of our staff.

Finally, we encourage functional and geographical mobility within Societe Generale Private Banking and Societe Generale Group. In this way, our employees enrich their experience, accelerate their development within the company and enhance their client service skills.

For more details on our human resources policy and current vacancies, please visit our dedicated recruitment website.

Pay & Compensation Policy

The advice we provide to our clients requires in-depth expertise and accepts no compromise. Our private bankers do not receive any commission on the sale of products or services.

Our human resources policy, and notably our pay and compensation policy, aims to attract talent and promote loyalty. We carry out salary benchmarking exercises in order to compare the level and structure of remuneration within our sector and ensure that Societe Generale Private Banking offers an appropriately attractive package.